TDE: Under the Influence of Music Part 1 (Vlog)

This series is set to follow Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q on their joint (no pun intended) Under the Influence tour with Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa across North America, and if you thought the recent Slaughterhouse video was insightful and/or hilarious, this is ridiculous.

ScHoolboy Q gets refused entry to Canada, weed is rolled on camera, and there’s lots of money being thrown around. However, the highlight (and at least 50% of the video) is Kendrick and Q essentially going crazy to Rick Ross’ Hold Me Back. It starts off with silly little things such as Q basically just chilling in his boxers and counting money to Kendrick miscellaneously stacking bags in front of himself, before descending into absolute anarchy include a Kendrick floor ‘seizure’.

This looks like it’ll be a series worth keeping up with.

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