Stalley-Petrin Hill Peonies Video

Less than a month after the release of an enjoyable video for Hammers and Vogues, he follows that up with another of the better jams from the excellent Savage Journey to the American Dream.

The production is supremely laidback, combining a vintage soul sample with a chilled reggae sensibility for an easygoing backdrop that makes this perfect summer soundtrack. Stalley’s rarely lazy with the raps and this is no exception, even when faced with such a mellow production, as he comes through with watertight flows and relatable raps, coming through with a rare blend of an ‘everyman’ style and strong self-confidence. It’s a great track that just racks up plays by being such an easy listen.

The video’s appropriately chilled out, with Stalley supplying a friend with some goods that lead him to having a few pretty funny experiences whilst high, with the rest of the video being some much-neeeded camera time for Stalley. Entertaining video, excellent audio and the best rapper in the MMG clan right now for me. You can grab this track for nothing on the mixtape now.

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