Skeme-Kidz with Gunz ft. ScHoolboy Q

Known to me primarily for his feature on Problem’s impossibly-catchy T.O., Skeme branches out with a brand new single, grabbing TDE’s ScHoolboy Q for a fairly aggressive hip-hop effort.

Skeme’s verses are relatively solid throughout, though not quite as conscientious as the title may have suggested, which is instead a little more self-referring. Nonetheless, it’s familiar stuff that will make for a good introduction to the hip-hop masses. ScHoolboy’s definitely in the mood for this one, bringing a strong, intense delivery that really ramps up the energy of the track and is unquestionably its highlight section. The production is a little hit and miss, with a nice powerful bass working well enough, but the minimal melodies on top are sharp without ever being dominating, and instead end up just floating around annoyingly. Worth checking for the ScHoolboy verse, though I’m sure many will enjoy the whole thing.

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