Simian Mobile Disco-A Form of Change

A welcome change of pace with what can probably be considered chillout electro, taken from Simian Mobile Disco’s upcoming A Form of Change EP.

Despite being nearly 7 minutes long, it’s one of those tracks that’s so superbly relaxing that you hardly notice. The first couple of minutes are spacey and reserved, building towards a middle section that includes some minimal percussion and melodies that add a slightly more psychedelic vibe, before stripping those melodies away for a bassy synth that viciously swings in and out. The final quarter combines both the trippy melodies and the hypnotising synth, and whilst it on paper (or screen) it seems like it’ll be an intense cacophony of sounds, it really isn’t that at all, maintaining a mellow vibe that makes this incredibly listenable. Good progressive stuff, and if the rest of the EP is like this, it’ll be a project worth grabbing.

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