ScHoolboy Q-Party

TDE appreciation week rolls on with even more brand new material, and this time it’s Q stepping up to drop off his first slice of solo material in quite some time.

As the title may suggest, this is considerably more upbeat and party-oriented than the more sombre material found on the excellent Habits and Contradictions album, and its good to see this side of Q’s persona finally reflected on a track. The production has an electro-inspired synth driving throughout, giving it an urgency that ties to the sharp percussion for an easy-to-digest and familiar-sounding beat, whilst the raps are packed into a stop-start flow that has a couple of good bursts. The hook crowns this one off, being pretty simple with a clear catchy centre point, making this one fairly accessible to a wider audience than Q’s usual fanbase. Worth sticking on your hip-hop party playlists for sure. Can it be TDE week every week?

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