Ryan Leslie-Beautiful Lie Remix ft. Fabolous

It’s been a very long time since we’ve heard from R-Les, and he’s back on the scene with his frequent collaborator Fabolous for a remix (of a song I don’t recall in the slightest).

Those classic Ryan Leslie trademarks are all over this beat, from the slick percussion to the addictive work on the keys, and whilst it’s not quite one of his best beats it’s refreshing to here this style return to us. More expected elements are in place, with a clever opening verse from Loso and a catchy hook from R-Les, though the latter’s decision to rap his verse is admittedly a little disappointing: he’s a man of many, many talents but he doesn’t need to head down the rapping route as most singers seem to be. Still, Leslie’s back and that’s enough for most.

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