Rocki Evans-Warms the Soul

Rocki Evans came into the studio, heard the beat one time and went in to the studio and cut this… Video is on – Watch the whole thing… It was one live cut.

Rocki’s undoubtedly a great talent, and this is a fantastic example of that. With a bluesy production packed with wailing guitars, velvety bass and sharp yet intermittent percussion, it’s about as ‘old soul’ a production as we’ve ever heard him on, and the vocal performance is adjusted excellently to match that. There’s lots of lengthened notes, empassioned deliveries and rightfully simple lyricism, as Rocki does a great job of conveying raw, unfiltered emotion throughout the track. What helps is the relatively loose structure of the vocal work, not strictly adhering to a verse-hook-verse style, and instead furthering that edgy blues style by simply crooning when he quite feels like it. Though Rocki’s always been an eclectic act this could be a style he could really nail down for a full project, and as a very enjoyable throwback to the old-school, I’d recommend this to the soul heads for sure.

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