Pyramid Vritra-Pyramid Album

The Jet Age of Tomorrow are easily one of the best acts to emerge from the Odd Future clan, and whilst one half of the Jet Age duo is now part of The Internet with Syd tha Kid, the other half (Hal) releases this free album for all to enjoy.

As Jet Age, the duo put out some great work with several highlights on their two albums to date, those often being a trippy blend of chillout vibes and strong percussion work. It’s a very unique combination that makes for extremely versatile listening, a factor that extends to The Internet’s work and hopefully to Hal’s work on this album. The signs are good, as a listen to Drain suggests there are definitely influences of the Jet Age style, with much more punchiness and emphasis on vocal work, and you can grab the full thing for free below.

Pyramid Vritra-Pyramid

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