Nas - Bye Baby [Video]

For those that haven’t realised yet, Nas dropped the best album of the year in Life is Good. For those that did check that out, here is the video for one of my favourite tracks on that album. Following on from the excellent Daughters video, Nas delivers again.

Nas went through a pretty messy divorce with fellow celebrity Kelis, and in this song he documents the end of their marriage. What I love about this song is that on the face of it it seems quite sad, as Nas reminisces, but by the end of it you realise this is more of a celebratory track, as you can hear his relief that it’s over. Also, it’s quite interesting to go through his back catalogue from around 5 years ago and pick out this track where he documents his excitement of potentially marrying Kelis…as Nas once said: “A thug changes, and love changes and best friends become strangers…”

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