MellowHype-La Bonita (Video)

We got a short preview of this a little over a month ago, and now Odd Future’s Hodgy Beats and Left Brain send out the video for the Numbers single.

This extended version is considerably improved on the original, which was a little too brief to make a full judgement on. That’s in no small part thanks to the excellent closing verse from Hodgy, who displays the kind of versatility that gives both this track and himself a great chance of cracking into more mainstream consciousness.

It’s another departure from the shock tactics style the OFWGKTA clan were (arguably, unfairly) branded as initially, and the video also reflects that by mostly staying true to the vibe of the track. It’s filmed at an easy pace, with most of the focus on the performers and a little eye candy, whilst the somewhat tribal theme and monochrome styling adds a little more variety to keep it different enough from a ‘regular’ hip-hop video. A cool, laidback listen and a decent watch, and with Numbers dropping on 9th October, and let’s see how they follow this up.

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