Main Attrakionz-Do It For The Bay

The first single from “Bossalinis & Fooliyones”, their debut LP due October 22nd, features fellow Bay Area MC DaVinci and is set for release in September. The album showcases producer/rapper Squadda B’s instantly identifiable production style, drawing from regional rap styles like hyphy and mobb music in the Bay Area, as well as Memphis mixtape obfuscation and the NY street rap of C-N-N, but also maintains pop accessibility through booming 808s and melodic, floating vocal clips. Simply put: this music sounds like nothing else out right now.

These guys made a great impression on me when they featured on A$AP Rocky’s excellent Leaf, and they’re making huge moves of their own. This effort is a summery, bright effort with a lot of replayability, blending together uplifting synths with laidback raps for a contrast that highlights the best aspects of both the vocal and production work. Certainly worth a listen, and keep a look out for more from the duo as that album draws closer.

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