Lupe Fiasco-Lamborghini Angels

With the 25th September date creeping nearer, here goes another release from Lupe’s Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album pt. 1.

This one’s got quite the dichotomy of styles going on. On one hand, the production is synth-heavy and fairly mainstream-ready, and I’m sure some will fear the worst on reading that. However, the lyricism is absolutely excellent, and Lupe’s back to that third-person storytelling style that was the hallmark of The Cool, dragging the production out of the style it’s probably meant for and into working appropriately for his rhymes. There are a ton of lyrical messages here, as Lupe pulls out a philosophical set of bars for the first verses that often refers to heavenly aspects, in keeping with the title, but clearly has real world meanings. The second verse begins to add more direct realism, and the third verse brings all of that together into a very open verse that references some pretty sobering acts.

It’s a great collection of verses that showcases Lupe’s humility, intelligence and command of a microphone, and if the rest of the album possesses such work, we’re in for a great project. You can and should grab this track on iTunes now.

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