Lupe Fiasco and Guy Sebastian-Battle Scars

Lupe’s Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album pt. 1 is edging ever closer, meaning we’re treated to track number four and video number three from the project.

Whilst this is undoubtedly more mainstream friendly than previous releases from the album, that’s not strictly a bad thing here as Lupe’s lyricism is still very much on point, and it’s merely supplemented by a powerful, rousing hook from Australian singer Guy Sebastian. Of course, the combination of a pop-centric production and a singalong hook will turn off many, but for me it’s a welcome break from the wave of lyricism that seems to be the foundation of the upcoming album, and unlike Lasers it’s mainstream-targeted work that’s actually executed well.

The video is a pretty simple one, allowing Guy to get some valuable camera time, whilst going for a very human-oriented theme via various close-ups of everyday people, with some holding up ‘labels’: admittedly, the labelling visual is a little corny and overdone, but it doesn’t particularly detract from the audio. I don’t see this on iTunes GB yet, but it’s up over on the US version here.

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