Kid Cudi-Just What I Am ft. King Chip

Kid Cudi’s had a good year so far. He surprised everyone with the quality of the WZRD album, and has released a handful of solid solo tracks. Now, he’s setting up for Indicud, his third solo album, expected to drop later this year.

Featuring a newly-rebranded Chip Tha Ripper, this enjoyable single is expected to make that album. It’s a considerably more positive track than most of his work since and including the last album, with an uplifting, Ratatat-esque synth working as the primary production element, giving the track a real ‘early morning’ feel reminiscent of the debut album. Chip opens with a strong verse, setting the track up nicely for the hook, which throws in deeper accompaniment to add real gravitas, helped by Cudi’s inescapably addictive melodies showing of that WZRD influence. Cudi’s on form for his verse too, bringing a flow that rides the production well, whilst his enthusiasm suggests he’s rediscovered that early hunger and passion, and that alone makes for exciting times.

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