Kendrick Lamar-Westside, Right On Time ft. Young Jeezy

The final release as part of TDE appreciation week, and it’s a huge collaboration as Kendrick hooks up with the Snowman for an easygoing freebie that’ll sit well with many on this hot summer day.

A vocal sample anchors the production, giving the track a laidback soul vibe, one that’s enhanced by the slowed down percussion and synth backdrop. Kendrick’s raps ride the production with a bouncy energy, dialling back the internal monologues he usually favours for a more upbeat performance, and the combination of his more positive style and the bright beat will certainly draw comparisons with The Recipe. Jeezy drops in halfway through to add a little grittiness to the package, bringing those unmistakeable street raps to round this one off as a solid hip-hop summer jam.

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