Kendrick Lamar–Swimming Pools (Drank) Video

I’ve had this track on non-stop repeat ever since Kendrick dropped this off almost four weeks ago, and the video is a great fit for it.

Kendrick hovers the line between mainstream-ready and lyrically excellent with this one, an incredibly difficult blend that is rarely managed by any, and the video represents that well. The general scenescape is minimally lit with heaps of bleakness, contrasting with his outfits and accessories, which remain relatively bright and noticeable throughout-the message there is clear, as the exterior portrays a confidence and exuberance that doesn’t match with what’s really going on in the background, in this case Kendrick’s internal dialogue about alcoholism. Similarly, Kendrick’s actions are divided clearly into helplessly falling, and bouncing around with lots of energy, once again a good representation of the extrovert versus the introvert. Even the club/party scenes throughout are lit and captured in a way that gives it a slower, more sinister edge, and this is a really well put together video that you’ll find new messages in with each watch. Good Kid, M.a.a.d City drops 2nd October.

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