JoJo, Drake and The Weeknd – Demonstrate (JAYBeatz Remix)

I don’t normally do ‘mashups’ but this one’s been getting a lot of traction over the last few days and hence it’s worth giving a chance at least. Or, so I thought. Maybe it’s my all-consuming dislike of Drake’s Take Care single (mainly because it desecrates the Gil-Scott Heron version), but there’s something about the track that seems to permanently keep me at arm’s length.

It could be that it feels like one long intro, with no clear anchor point, though with that said there are some high points, most notably toward the second half of the track where the Drake/Rihanna samples are dialled back in favour of The Weeknd and JoJo’s vocals and production. There are certainly other points where the remix works, however as with all mashups come the moments where too much is happening, confusing the listening experience. Good, but the Take Care sample ruins it for both overcomplicating the production and generally existing in life. For the download, head to the stream’s official page where one is hosted in the description.

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