Joey Bada$$-1999 Mixtape

Huge late pass on this one, so I apologise for that. I’d heard his name thrown around in hip-hop circles a while back, and having given most of this mixtape a massively overdue listen last night, I can certainly understand the buzz surrounding Joey.

The key is that there’s a real old school vibe about his style. Full of bass/percussion-heavy productions, Joey isn’t someone you can accuse of hiding behind beats (unlike many of the current crop), and instead ensures he’s got the spotlight fully turned on him with punchy beats that emphasise his abilities rather than the producer’s. Equally, his Pro Era team that help him out throughout the tape seem to be a like-minded bunch, with the raps from Joey and the team being a good mix of youthful and street-focused, matching the production style. You can’t help but feel there’s a little bit of a young Nas in Joey, and the heads need to be grabbing this tape.

Joey Bada$$-1999

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