Jhene Aiko-3:16am Video

It’s only a matter of time before Jhene Aiko breaks into mainstream consciousness, and the first single from her upcoming Souled Out album is going to go some way in helping her achieve that.

Her delicate vocals and beat selection have long been strong facets of her game and they’re on point again, with the connection between lyrics, vocals and production being extremely tight throughout. The vocals remain soft and feminine, though there’s a progressive addition of intensity in keeping with the lyrics, culminating in a strong finish to the track. These changes are reflected well in the production, which maintains a quiet, ominous quality and adds bulky percussion in where required to increase the urgency, ensuring the vocals and lyrics are both supported and embellished in the right manner. It seems like simple stuff, but it’s rare that those three factors are synergised properly, and credit goes to both Jhene and Fisticuffs for the work here.

Topshelf Junior capture the aesthetically-pleasing (to say the least) Jhene’s emotional crumble well, whilst playing off the moody production with a dark colour palette for most of the video. An excellent R&B audiovisual, and let’s hope the audio is released soon.

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