JD Era and Kardinal Offishall-Mercy Freestyle

The catch-up from the last few days begins now. Strap yourselves in.

I’m surprised how few rappers have tackled this beat, and whilst it’s always going to take some doing to outdo the original’s likeability, there are a plethora of rappers who could do a great job on it.

With that said, I probably wouldn’t have initially listed these two in that category, but they prove me wrong here. Kardinal’s ever-present charisma and confidence are turned right up on his verse, bringing a couple of solid lines with a delivery that’s mostly laidback with a couple of angry blasts that add some variety. JD’s performance is much more consistently-aggressive, with his almost piercing tones contrasting with Kardi’s style, and injected the track with some intensity. It’s certainly not going to overhaul the original, but it’s a very solid remix that gives two relatively overlooked rappers some much needed shine.

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