Jack Davey-Howl at the Moon

The fiercely innovative female half of J*DaVeY is set to step out on her own with a new self-produced garage rock EP project titled, “L0-F!”. The 5 song A & B side effort features Jack Davey in a raw, bluesy light which is evident from the EP’s first official offering, “Howl At The Moon”.

Not the first solo track we’ve got from Jack (here for the other), and whilst I like the J*Davey duo and always have time for a bit of alternative rock, this isn’t quite up to scratch. I get the moody, grungey style she’s going for, but it needs a bit more attitude, feeling a little too polished for both this type of music and for Davey in general. Most of that is due to the instrumentation, which could do with a bit more variety, and whilst Davey’s vocal work is good throughout given the change in style, it’s not quite enough to recover the track.

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