Havoc-Separated (Real From The Fake)

It first broke into the newstream a little while back, but over the last couple of weeks it’s become extremely clear that Mobb Deep are definitely not on good terms. Havoc stated they were on an ‘indefinite hiatus’, and given the aggressive tweets Hav shot out back in April, it’s near-impossible to see how they’d ever reconcile.

Havoc’s probably given up on that too, given the nature of this track. The entire track is built to run Prodigy down, as Hav goes at Prodigy’s recent musical output, questions his sexual orientation and generally doesn’t divert from making digs for the full 3 minutes. I suppose it’s morbidly entertaining for a while, but soon enough the disappointment over the break-up and somewhat petty nature of the track kicks in, and instead of being an aggressive, vicious hip-hop joint to get some attention, it comes off as a rather timid bitching session.

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