Gunplay-M1 (Video)

I’ve made my peace with this guy being my favourite ‘ignorant’ rapper, and this track, along with the utterly mental Jump Out (which comes equipped with screaming and gunfire) were probably the standouts in terms of intensity from his Bogota Rich mixtape.

The video doesn’t add anything to the track, and instead somehow makes standing on a porch into the most frenzied, impossibly-busy scenario. It’s actually mildly refreshing to know that not everyone in the Maybach Music Group is overly self-conscious and focused on appearing indifferent: Gunplay’s full of emotion and a balls-out rabidness that’s increasingly rare in mainstream hip-hop. Whereas most rappers nowadays seem like they’d probably give you a hug, this guy just seems like he’d rather harpoon you in the thigh. What’s not to like?

Let’s be honest, just one listen of this is enough to put many of you off for life, but sometimes you’ve just got to embrace the craziness. Should you be willing to do so, grab Bogota Rich now.

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