Grizzly Bear-Yet Again

All of the big names from the alternative/indie world seem to have crawled out of the woodwork in the recent weeks, with The xx, The Killers, Bloc Party (and others) now joined by Grizzly Bear who prepare for their 18th September release of Shields.

Their first album release since the hugely-popular Veckatimest, the slowed-down, folk-inspired style of that album is thrown out somewhat here for a more urgent, driving piece of indie that will make for easier listening to those yet unfamiliar with Grizzly Bear’s work. The percussion is sharp and crashing in equal measure, whilst the guitar work is a combination of soft, sauntering notes and more jagged plucks, giving the track a very diverse soundscape from start to finish. Notable is the absence, for the most part, of the background harmonies that Grizzly Bear utilised so effectively on Veckatimest, instead stripping their work back to a much more ‘regular’ style by focusing the vocal work on Ed’s meandering melodies.

A good listen that can be found on the upcoming Shields album, which as mentioned drops on 18th September.

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