Donnis-Absolutely ft. Jay Ant and IAMSU (Video)

Along with E-40′s thumping Function remix, this effort from Donnis is one of the more enjoyable upbeat hip-hop jams in quite some time.

It’s a shame that the comparative lack of big names makes this unlikely to affect the club scene as much as Function will, as it’s every bit as enjoyable and certainly more energetic. The clip gives the three upcomers plenty of camera time to get audiences acquainted with them, interspersing shots of them rapping their verses with lively club scenes. It allows the visual to capture the energy of the song in with the confidence of the rappers, with the latter clearly evidenced throughout courtesy of three diverse yet watertight flows from each MC, proof positive that you don’t need to sacrifice rap ability to drop something for the clubs.

Worth a watch and definitely worth a download, which you can do here. Be sure to support and grab Donnis’ EP on iTunes (US) now too.

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