Domo Genesis and The Alchemist-No Idols

Having released a feature-heavy track from this project a few weeks back, the whole thing drops unannounced for our listening pleasure.

This is likely to be a real breakthrough project for Domo, as whilst his rapping skills are commended by many, his weed raps and heavy OFWGKTA association always put up a slight barrier to wider acclaim. Working with Alchemist and the slew of hip-hop heavies on this tape will undoubtedly do wonders for his image in the rap scene, and I’m hopeful his raps are up to scratch to complement what are likely to be consistently-excellent Alchemist beats. 11 tracks make up this one, giving Domo plenty of opportunity to put out some strong music, and you can download this for free below.

Domo Genesis and The Alchemist-No Idols

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