Common-No Sell Out

The incomparable No I.D. has taken to Twitter/Tumblr (the internet, let’s just say the internet) to let a Common joint loose from of the vaults. I don’t suspect this is from too far back as Common’s voice sounds a little more recent, but it makes no difference: this is a crunching No ID beat with some slick Com raps that will go down well with the hip-hop heads.

The production utilises some vintage, almost 20′s-inspired keys for a positive vibe, though the slightly more downward synths and the thunderous percussion temper that upbeat quality with a heavy dose of grittiness. It’s a production that draws equally from classic and modern sources for an excellent hybrid sound that suits Common perfectly, with his own crossbreed style of rap working this beat well courtesy of a steady flow and a nice mix of storytelling and wordplay. Great slice of heavy-hitting hip-hop.

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