Charli XCX-You're The One (The Internet Remix) ft. Mike G

Not hugely (remotely) familiar with the original, but as a big fan of Mike G’s raps and The Internet’s general existence, there’s plenty of attraction to the track, and it actually stands up fairly well.

The video is trippy, deliberately rough-looking and mostly random; everything you’d expect from heavy Odd Future involvement. There’s little more to say: it’s frighteningly hypnotising (those creeping skeletons are weirdly mesmerising), works strangely well with the audio, is completely bizarre and yet I just can’t stop watching it.

Matt Martians (who I’m assuming helmed most of the production work as part of The Internet) does a great job with the beat, keeping it funky and bouncy throughout but throwing in those spacey, atmospheric, Jet Age of Tomorrow-esque synths where he can, making for a good overall beat that’s prevented from becoming annoying by simply being quite short. The highlight for me is undoubtedly Mike G’s verse, with his relaxed yet ever-slick flow being a great contrast to the psychedelic production, whilst his lyricism works within the confines of the track well without stunting his naturally clever style. The YouTube description suggests this is out on 19th August, so keep an eye out for it to hit iTunes then.

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