Big Sean-How It Feel

Sean’s gearing up to release his first project since last year’s Finally Famous album, the Detroit mixtape, and pre-empts that release with a video for one of the tracks from said tape.

I’m enjoying this one a lot too. It’s got lashings of that 2008-9 Big Sean style thrown in with the new-found confidence and arrogance he’s developed since really blowing up: the combination works well, as the hunger remains in Sean’s raps, and they’re packaged up in a ball of self-assurance that suggests he’s more than comfortable where he’s at. Million $ Mano serves up an excellent production here, mirroring the style of raps by sampling vintage works and giving them a modern twist courtesy of some thumping percussion-it’s another good production from Mano, and he’s undoubtedly a name to watch out for.

The slow pace of the track creates a laidback vibe, and the video capitalises on that as Sean pretty much spends it lounging around his hotel room with some eye candy, interspersed with classic-style transitions to enhance that vintage vibe. It’s only a short one, but definitely gets the buzz going for that mixtape drop on 5th September.

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