Big Boi-She Said OK ft. Theophilus London and Tre Luce (Video)

So first off, this is neither work safe nor child safe. That goes for both the video and the audio.

I’ve had a special spot for this song since its release, and not because its a feat of hip-hop ingenuity, but because the hook is just hilarious. That’s not to take away from the verses though, which are most definitely enjoyable and as mentioned in the audio review, Big Boi and Theophilus clearly work well together to create an old-school Outkast vibe about this one.

The video is about as sleazy as the audio, packing close-ups of lady parts into performance shots of the rappers into a dimly-lit, slow-moving and bedroom-oriented theme, and hence it’s a good synergy between the two. An easygoing track that’s generally quite likeable, and you can grab it from iTunes now (iTunes US, sadly).

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