Ben Gibbard-Teardrop Windows

“Teardrop Windows” is the first single from Benjamin Gibbard’s debut solo album, Former Lives, out October 15 in the UK/Europe via City Slang Records and October 16 in North America via Barsuk Records.

Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard is off on his own adventure. There’s a much heavier folk influence than in his work with Death Cab, and as a result swaps out the often melancholy instrumentation of the band for a more jovial, uplifting backdrop. With that said, the bittersweetness hasn’t entirely disappeared and still manifests itself with the sweet and sour lyricism, with its reflectiveness often contrasting with the more lively points of the production. It’s a good contrast though, and it prevents the vocal work from becoming too dour, hence giving the track plenty of replayability. The DCFC should enjoy this one, free grab below.

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