B.o.B-Play the Guitar Video ft. Andre 3000

It’s surprising how apathetic I am to B.o.B’s output these days, and I know I’m not alone. He’s gone from being someone I couldn’t get enough of to just another act, mostly because his content is increasingly bland.

Being the diverse guy he is, blandness shouldn’t be an issue, especially on a track with such a title and huge feature guest. You’d be wrong. The production is frustrating, constantly threatening to kick into a higher gear and deliver something substantial but it consistently fails to deliver, instead throwing a few guitar licks onto a basic pop production. Some of B.o.B’s raps are solid and his flow is as tidy as ever, but does someone with a range of talents that includes chorus singing need to resort to a poor sampled hook like this? Andre’s feature is by far the highlight here, packing in a quickfire verse that goes some way to pulling this track back to some semblance of decency.

B.o.B’s malaise is a shame more than anything as you feel like he’s neither fully expressing himself or fulfilling his potential, and whether that’s because of label pressures or his own doing is unclear, but something definitely needs to change.

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