Azealia Banks-Van Vogue Video

Probably the best track on her 1991 EP, Van Vogue is full of high-octane raps and a curious production that’s part-infectious energy, part-bizarre, but fully entertaining.

The beat and the raps are mirrored in terms of pace, with one seemingly trying to outdo the other in terms of freneticism at various points in the track, and it makes for a fast-paced listen that has a lot of replayability. The video lets the other aspects of her appeal lose, notably her keen fashion sense and her engrossing on-screen presence, with the video spending most of the time focusing on Banks’ face, which exudes tons of character throughout via both expressions and simply rapping well.

There’s no denying Azealia’s got some talent as a rapper, and when the focus is on as it is here, the end product is seemingly one that can be enjoyed by all. A strong audio-visual that should serve her well.

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