ALT/AIR-Lost (Frank Ocean Cover)

A spectacular cover from Hawaiian duo ALT/AIR, and one that will endear them to pretty much anyone who likes the original version on Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange.

The track opens minimally, supporting the delicate vocals with little more than clicks and an atmospheric yet light synth, and it’s a great start to establish the vocal and production talents of the duo. What follows is an explosion of sound, with a screaming electro-infused melody, taking centre stage alongside strong percussion work and several additional elements for a richly-layered and intense blast of sound. From there it’s all alternations with the stripped-back styling of the opening, swapping enough times to end with a real bang and keep the song firmly engrained on your mind. An excellent example of dynamic beatmaking and endearing vocals, and a nice complement to the outstanding original. Stream below, or download here.

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