There are a lot of reasons to love this track. Firstly, it’s TDE appreciation week and having heard from Jay Rock, Kendrick, and ScHoolboy, it’s great to have some new Ab. Secondly, the beat is helmed by JMSN, who dropped off a great track a week ago. Finally, Soulo is rapping about all sorts of conspiracies, and I love that sort of stuff.

He covers off plenty of theorists’ favourite topics, from aliens to doomsday, over a strong beat that combines bassy percussion with foreign vocal samples to great effect, adding in an ominous, end-of-days feel to the track. Soulo’s choice to rap from the perspective of the planet Nibiru (or just generally a destructive power) is bold and very entertaining, giving this song a ton of replayability, and huge credit for really sticking to the theme here. A great concept track.

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