A$AP Rocky-Purple Kisses Video

The second release from the upcoming A$AP Mob album, Lords Never Worry, out on 28th August. This one’s a solo Rocky number, and will keep his fans going before his album drops in September.

The bass on this one is positively thumping, almost engulfing the track at times, and when coupled with the slow pace and haziness of the track, it’s almost entrancing at times. The rest of the production is light by comparison, with sprightly synths and intermittent sprinklings of work on the keys throughout the verses, before switching back to that thunderous bass to almost independently support the sampled hook. Rocky’s confidence oozes through as ever, throwing out his typical arrogant, far-from-sober raps that aren’t going to blow anyone’s mind, but are synced nicely with the trippy production.

The video’s an excellent fit for the audio, being very dim, slow-paced and of course, purple. At times, it almost adds a serenading quality to the song, though for the most part it’s a clip full of excess and enjoyment, which is essentially everything you’d expect from a Rocky visual. Solid all-rounder, and look out for more from the A$AP team soon.

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