Aaliyah-Enough Said ft. Drake

So, the background: there’s a posthumous Aaliyah album being released, 10 years after the last, and rumour is that Drake and 40 are executive producing it. Not a huge surprise given how big an Aaliyah fan Drake is, and hearing her vocals on 40′s beats will be a fantastic experience.

This is purported to be the first single from that project, and the signs are good. It’s a typically-atmospheric 40 production, packed with lavish synths, muted percussion and a softness that gives the accompanying vocals an enhanced delicateness. Couple that with already-buttery vocals from Aaliyah and it’s an all-round package of the highest order; when 40′s productions are released for someone other than Drake, the product can be absolutely exceptional. The only downside is the Drake verse, being horribly out of place, and whilst a couple of his lines are strong (the ‘enemy and cousins’ line in particular), approaching this with a rap style breaks the flow of the song, when instead a sung contribution may have worked nicely. A fantastic track otherwise.

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