Wiz Khalifa-Far From Coach ft. Game and Stat Quo

Wiz has been churning out material relatively regularly in recent months, and here he grabs Game and Stat (who I’ve not heard from in forever) for another solid jam.

The production is as laidback as you’d expect from a Wiz track, with an easygoing percussion, airy synths and a general air of opulence. There’s still a little punch going on in there too, thanks to a hefty dose of bass, and hence it makes for a good summer day listen, a vibe that Wiz capitalises on with a smooth, arrogant hook that will keep heads nodding. The verses are nice and diverse, with Game bringing a more intense delivery than expected, whilst Wiz’s voice also has plenty of verve on his section, and Stat closes things out with what’s probably the best verse of the track thanks to a diverse lyrical set alongside a relaxed delivery. Decent all-rounder, which you can grab for free courtesy of Wiz’s Twitter.

Wiz Khalifa-Far From Coach ft. Game and Stat Quo

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