Wiz Khalifa-Different Cloth ft. Busta Rhymes

Like many, I lost a lot of interest in Wiz after his relatively pop-oriented Rolling Papers album, but since that release (which you increasingly get the impression he was forced to do) he’s certainly gone some way to repairing that damage with a slew of much more solid content.

This falls right in that category, grabbing Busta (who has an album coming out soon, so expect to see him featuring everywhere) for an assist to give it a little additional quality. The production is incredibly laidback, pushing drifty synths together with very soft percussion for a relaxing effort that makes for an good listen right the way through. The chilled style suits Wiz more than Busta, yet Bus’ opening verse is still enjoyable, whilst Wiz blends singing and rapping for a performance that combines superbly with the beat. An easy listen that will offend no-one and pad out those playlists nicely.

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