Tyler, The Creator and Toro Y Moi-Hey You

Producer Toro has previously remixed some of Tyler’s works, and the Odd Future gang let their official coming together loose, an unfinished track from the vaults.

It’s a summery effort, with a perky, upbeat production that packs in hip-hop drums, synths with more lightness than hotel lobby music, and some scratched up samples for an excellent production. It’s laidback enough to work in a relaxing capacity, but with enough punch to ensure you don’t get bored listening to it, and whilst at times the beat’s structure seems to break down a little, that’s easily chalked up to the unfinished nature of the track. Tyler’s monotone delivery is decent enough here, and though his complete lack of emotion doesn’t quite utilise the beat in the best way, it’s the uniqueness of his approach that makes for an entertaining listen. Pretty solid track all-round, and it’s a shame it probably won’t get finished.

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