Tyler, The Creator And Domo Genesis-Sam Is Dead Video

One of the best tracks on Odd Future’s Odd Future Tape Vol. 2, and Tyler is allowed to flex his creative talents with a very intricate video for the song.

The video’s centred around a military theme that seems relatively incongruent with the raps themselves, and though they plays off the army-esque chants in the hook, the stark contrast of the lyrical content and the serious nature of war makes for a surprisingly engaging experience. Most of the OFWGKTA clan make cameos throughout, whilst the symbolism is rife throughout-from the clan having to ‘fight off’ external forces and refusing to take certain paths to the metaphor-laced suicide of sorts from Tyler at the end, it’s a clip that reveals interesting messages with each repeat watch. Of course, there are still a couple of humourous moments, not least the stunned look on Tyler’s face when the soldiers break into his shack.

Probably the best video Tyler’s put together since Yonkers, and an overdue reminder that away from his divisive lyrics, he undoubtedly possesses plenty of creative talent.

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