Theophilus London-Rose Island Vol 1 Mixtape

I feel like this guy is only inches away from widespread mainstream appeal, and with some of the features he’s snagged recently, he’s edging ever closer to being the next hip-hop/alternative hybrid star. And even if not, his music’s still got tons of replayability that’ll keep the rest of us entertained.

High hopes for this one, as it’s the final home for two of his biggest collaborations to date, namely Big Spender with A$AP Rocky and She Said OK with Big Boi. Amongst such company the rest of his material really needs to hold up, and given the quality of some of his work in the past (the thoroughly excellent Last Night, which I still play often, has made the cut), I’m sure there’ll be a few gems on here to meet those expectations. The Sade and Marvin Gaye samples listed certainly won’t hurt. Free grab below.

Theophilus London-Rose Island Vol 1

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