The xx-Angels

With The xx’s second album, Coexist, set to land on 10th September, we’re treated to the first single from the project and it’s a great effort that picks up where their debut left off.

The production draws on some familiar elements, with stop-start percussion, bassy plucks and synthesised melodies combining for a haunting and atmospheric track that’s full of the minimalist beauty that endeared many to The xx 3 years back. Romy’s vocals are soft yet emotional throughout, reflecting the introspective, love-driven lyricism well and synergising wonderfully with the production, as she always seems to do. It’s stylistically close to their universally-loved previous work, and I’d say any fans who wanted more of the same from the group will be in for a treat. I’ve seen criticism for the track on Twitter, possibly from those who wanted The xx to switch it up, but when they have this formula so well refined, why would they distort it? Too many bands get change-happy, and I’m glad they’ve stuck with what they’re good at.

You can pre-order the album in various spots, each of which will also result in you getting a download of this very track at midnight tonight.

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