The xx - Angels (The Confect Remix)

A truly excellent example of remix for you here. The xx’s single is a wonderfully tender effort, and this remix adds a selection of delicate touches to make the track a little sharper without losing the original’s lightness.

The key addition is the percussion, giving the track a rigidity and structure not found in the original, and though that’s intentional for the style The xx were going for, you can’t help but find that its inclusion here makes the track a much easier listen (before you jump at me, I didn’t say ‘better’). The further subtle additions, from increasing the prominence of the main melody to the effects on the vocals are all in keeping with the existing soundscape, and this is a thoroughly superb remix that stands up well alongside the original. EDIT: If you’re after a download link, The Confectionary have kindly made one available here.

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