The Killers-Runaways

Much like Bloc Party, The Killers were a band I idolised in my slightly younger days, only to almost entirely distance myself from them after their most recent album was so terrible. Almost four years since their last album (another Bloc Party parallel), The Killers reunite for Battle Born, set for release on 17th September.

Hopes will be raised for the album based on this likeable single. The general style and structure of the track draws heavily from their great second album, Sam’s Town, with a hefty dose of Americana mixed in with a little dose of pop-rock for a feelgood anthem. Powerful, driving guitars, anthemic and uplifting vocal work and strong percussion combine well here, and it doesn’t feel like they’ve missed a beat as a band at all.

It’s one of those tracks that you’ll probably see loads of uplifting sports highlights set to, and you can almost hear the masses singing in unison already: it’s a track that should really impact mainstream radio, whilst keeping many of the older Killers fans happy.

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