The-Dream-Dope Bitch ft. Pusha T Video

Dream and Pusha seem to have struck up a very effective working relationship, having released Exodus 23:1 and this effort in quick succession back in May. The response to this single from the R&B heads was good, and rightfully Dream’s picked it as his latest single from The Love IV: Diary of a Madman.

It’s an album that’s been in the works for quite some time now, and in truth this was the sort of single it needed. The track is a great blend of upbeat and smoothed-out, hitting that difficult middle ground that Dream seems to find so easily, and the overarching vibe of the song is one that emits plenty of cool. The vocals are as catchy and singalong as ever, praising Dream’s lady of choice, whilst Pusha’s verse is an excellent contribution with plenty of verve, and certainly enhances the track. The video is all kinds of illegal, with plenty of focus on drugs, guns and what I assume to be ill-gotten money, though the clip’s packed in a minimalistic styling that gives it a real slickness.

To my knowledge, this track isn’t available at the usual outlets yet but expect it to hit iTunes at some point soon.

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