Stalley-Hammers and Vogues ft. Curren$y Video

Stalley’s Savage Journey to the American Dream is easily one of my favourite mixtapes of the year thus far, and this effort with Curren$y definitely stood out as one of the best tracks from the tape, getting plenty of love in my rotation to this day.

The track is laidback and a supremely easy listen, with a smoothed-out production allowing Stalley to send out some frank and humble raps, making for a first verse that synergises wonderfully with the production, and a closing verse that adds a little more arrogance to finish on a high. Curren$y’s relaxed style is a perfect fit for this summery production too, and hence his verse blends into the track seamlessly.

The video is everything you’d expect given the style of the audio: warm summertime footage, nothing too frantic with Stalley pretty much just sitting down, and whilst Curren$y is a little more vertical for his verse, his natural demeanour keeps that lazy-day vibe of the audio going. It’s a great audiovisual that has no illusions of grandeur-just some chillout hip-hop made for a summer’s day. Grab this on the aforementioned Stalley mixtape now.

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