Rick Ross – 3 Kings ft. Dr. Dre and Jay-Z Video

For a video primarily made up of archival footage, this is actually a half-decent effort for what remains a disappointing track given the calibre of the features.

Dre’s verse features plenty of footage from throughout his career, as far back as you can imagine and as present as some previously unseen interactions with Ross, whilst Ross’ clips are similar though understandably span a much shorter time period. Jay’s clips are probably the highlight (mirroring the audio), using both the contextual and archival footage much better in terms of highighting Jay’s various punchlines and wordplay, and undoubtedly it solidifies his status as the real star of the track. It’s something a little different in terms of video style, and certainly adds a layer of grandeur to the track, though once again its not enough to rescue it from really being all about that last verse.

On a side note, if like myself you wondered why Diddy was giving Ross/this album so much love on Twitter recently, the last 10 seconds of this video should explain that well enough…shameless.

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