Raekwon-Keep It Politics

“Keep It Politics” is the new single and documentary from Closed Sessions Vol. 2 released by Chicago indie label Closed Sessions. The album and documentary series is presented by rubyhornet.com, MTV2 Sucker Free, and SoundScape Studios.

Rae hooks up with DJ Babu for a decent hip-hop jam here, dropping off his first bit of solo material in a while. Babu throws in heavy bass with a playful, nursery rhyme-esque melody to tread that line between intensity and lightness, though it does feel like its missing one more element, something a less blunted percussion may have fixed. Rae’s raps are as listenable as ever, blending aggressive and arrogant raps into a relaxed flow that works the production style well. Solid if unspectacular track all-round.

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