Nipsey Hu$$le-They Know Video

This isn’t one where the video particularly warrants much attention of its own, but it’s a great opportunity to give some shine to both a good track and a great series of mixtapes, The Marathon and The Marathon Continues, from Nipsey.

The audio combines a thumping bass with slowed down melodies in the verses, packing in plenty of punch before upping the energy levels with some decent synth work on the hook, which serves as a great anchor for the track that’ll have you cranking the volume up. Nipsey’s one of the more underrated rappers in the game as far as I’m concerned, and this track is a good display of what he’s able to do, with quick, watertight flows throughout the track making the most of a nice range of topics in the lyricism.

It’s a good all-round hip-hop track that should get some heads nodding, and others turning to pay more attention to Nipsey. As mentioned, the video isn’t one that embellishes the audio, but hopefully will result in more of the hip-hop heads giving Nipsey more minutes in their rotations. Grab this, and more, over at Nipsey’s house.

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